Anatomy of a Writer’s Desk

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Let’s pull back the curtain for a moment. I’d love to pretend that I’m a sort of romantic writer, penning stories at the fireside in my garret bedroom (I may have read the Emily of New Moon series too many times). The truth is, I do most of my writing on a laptop or my tablet. I sit at an IKEA desk surrounded by piles of items I mean to attend to, next to the dumbbells I use for working out. So I thought I would share with you just how my writing desk looks. This is entirely candid—I snapped this photo the other day without doing any cleaning or organizing beforehand. And here it is!
1. Super fancy printer that can push out manuscript pages with ease—and I can print to it from my couch or desk or toilet or wherever! This was a birthday gift from my boyfriend, who really Gets It when it comes to my passion for writing.
2. Printed out rejection letters that have not been filed into the rejection binder yet. Probably printed from the couch, which is way too far to get up and actually get things off the printer.
3. Writing notebook, buried under random papers (including the user manual for the fancy printer), that may occasionally be brought out to have snippets of dialogue, character descriptions, or story ideas added to it or to be mined for a current project.
4. Minnie Mouse ears from Disneyland. Of course.
5. Wall art from Target, appropriately themed for a writer.
6. A whiteboard built into the desk, perfect for the jotting down of quick notes! And actually used for once, two years ago, writing down my employee ID, and never erased.
7. A detailed schedule and checklist of everything that I plan to accomplish on a weekend day. Planned items could range from laundry and dishes to writing and editing to reading and watching Doctor Who.
8. Hand-drawn (okay, more like hand-scribbled) map for a now-defunct project. I think this one was NaNo 2014. Er, 2013. Yikes.
9. A handful of books related to writing and an autograph book for authors (so far with only N.K. Jemisin’s signature).
10. Proudly holding up the end is the dictionary I got for my 16th birthday. Not that I ever use it—it’s called the Internet!—but doesn’t it just feel writerly to have it there?
11. A pile of old cards and letters that I really, really mean to reply to. Someday.
12. This book was assigned to me by my therapist, before I dumped him for being unhelpful. It is a good book, though! I even have a highlighter and a pen hooked to the cover for notes.
13. A writing book that I swear I am going to read any day now.
14. This folder was used to hold some printed out rejections that need to be filed in the rejection binder. Those are really piling up…

So there you have it! A quick breakdown of where I do a lot of my writing, editing, and bemoaning. What does your space look like??

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  1. krystal jane

    How awesome! #13 = Lol! My fancy printer is upstairs on a desk I use for storing extra pens and paper and software I don't need or use anymore. So, every time I print something I have to run upstairs. Lol! I have a good excuse – at the time I got it, I had a tiny desk and it wouldn't fit. Now I've gotten used to it.

    Your desk is great, by the way! I love the thought of a white board on my desk! But it'd just be covered up by my computer. 🙁

    I also have Hello Kitty on my desk. I have, erm, three. ^_^


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