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Writer’s Block

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It’s such a cliche, but damn, I sure am suffering from it. I know there are people out there who don’t “believe” in writer’s block, but I don’t have another word that works as well for how I feel. Because, to me, that’s what writer’s block is. A feeling of almost aversion to writing at all. It’s not that I… Read more »


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Writing is such a funny thing. I would bet that almost any writer would say that have times of inspiration. These are not just the moments that a great plot idea occurs to you, but also those times when words just seem to flow forth in perfect rhythm. This is when I feel like I can churn out 3 books… Read more »


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Wow, what an amazing feeling! It’s been so long since I’ve finished something that I almost forgot what it’s like. To actually be able to write “THE END.” And underline it, and star it. Because this is a Big Moment. Sure, I still have a very extensive re-write to do. Sure, after that I’ll need to draft a query letter…. Read more »

Pushing Through

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I have been stalled at The Ending for a few days now. Partly this is due to craziness at work–due to a last minute schedule change, we ended up traveling up to Seattle! Still, as much as I might make excuses for myself, I know that I had the time to get writing done if I’d so chosen. But I… Read more »

July 2010 Wrap-Up

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July has come and gone, and it was not an altogether unproductive month for me. I had hoped to write 31 pages, which is not a very lofty goal, but given my work schedule and sometimes much-lacking motivation, it was difficult enough. I am pleased. Pages written: 43.62 (by hand)Words written: 8000 (approximate) August will see the completion of Novel… Read more »

Hello, Internet…

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Not that I think anyone is interested, but more for my own benefit, I am starting a dedicated WRITING BLOG. Whee! Just another distraction from actually getting any writing done? Probably. But hopefully also an incentive to keep those creative juices flowing, to remind myself what I have accomplished and what more I will accomplish in the future. There are… Read more »