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Life-Cycle of a Nora Novel

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Okay, maybe a Nora novel isn’t an officially recognized category—yet! In any case, I have a pretty methodical way that I go about writing a novel, refined over several manuscripts. So I thought I would share that method in case it is helpful and/or interesting for anyone else! The video describes it pretty well, but I thought I would also… Read more »

Setbacks Don’t Mean Give Up

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It’s been an interesting time for me as a writer recently. I was so full of optimism when I set out on my editing journey, and visions of book contracts danced in my dreams. I still feel good about novel 6, but the doubt has begun to creep in. It’s slower going than I expected. I’m itching to start something… Read more »

Writing is Rewriting…

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…or so the saying goes. I think that the consensus among writers is that editing sucks. Rewriting sucks. Polishing sucks. While there are certainly some frustrating aspects to it, I actually rather enjoy it. Covering clean printed pages with scribbles of brightly colored ink is almost cathartic. I can look at the edited pages and feel like I’m really doing something…. Read more »

Editing Embarkation

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Well, I’ve been saying it for weeks. Now it’s time to pay up or shut up, and since I’ve never been particularly good at shutting up, I guess I better just do it. I write pretty slowly, and I outline thoroughly prior to writing. While I write, I also maintain an Excel spreadsheet with all the scenes being updated as… Read more »

Digging Through the Past

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The other day I was having a little trouble coming up with the inspiration to work on my WIP, and so I indulged in a time-honored writing tradition: procrastination. I wanted to be able to pretend I was going something useful, so I decided to stick with something relating to my writing. I began to dig through the “Archived Projects”… Read more »

Wishful Thinking

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I haven’t updated the blog recently because I was really, really hoping that my next post would be one with good news. I submitted a couple of my short stories to a few different publications back in March, and I had a good feeling about them. Maybe something would come of it, even if just a little nibble in the… Read more »

More Disappointment

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So much for knuckling down. I had a small burst of productivity (2 days) and then nothing.In my defense, I’ve had some personal issues that have totally derailed my attention for anything. Not to get into to too much detail–this is my writing blog, after all–but my boyfriend broke up with me for legitimate reasons outside our control. We still… Read more »


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Isn’t it the thing we all fear and anticipate? Don’t we have such a love-hate relationship with it? Okay, maybe everyone else doesn’t, but I sure do! I told myself I wasn’t going to query Novel 1 (still nameless!) until I finished draft 3, but I decided that it couldn’t hurt to put out a few feelers now. What if… Read more »