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500 Writing Prompts: Message in a Bottle

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As I sit in the fallow zone between projects (letting novel 8 marinate and waiting on novel 6 beta readers), I find that I am itching to write. Something, anything, to scratch that existential need. Usually I say that I will fill the space with short stories, but that almost never actually happens. I don’t have a strong affinity for… Read more »

Life-Cycle of a Nora Novel

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Okay, maybe a Nora novel isn’t an officially recognized category—yet! In any case, I have a pretty methodical way that I go about writing a novel, refined over several manuscripts. So I thought I would share that method in case it is helpful and/or interesting for anyone else! The video describes it pretty well, but I thought I would also… Read more »

Mental Tongue Twisters

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I’ve had a few ideas percolating around in my brain lately (why is eggnog so delicious, will these cookies really go straight to my love handles, how feasible is it to take a redeye to see my boyfriend for about 4 hours, maybe this manuscript can write itself…okay, but I swear there are a couple pertaining to a blog post!),… Read more »