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Looking Back to Augusts Past

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Summer begins to fade into autumn, like it does every year. Living in San Diego buffers me from this reality, somewhat. It is easy to let the sunny days slide away, one after another, sure that they will continue in an unabated stream. And yet, the days do grow shorter, and time is, in fact, passing. Such are the thoughts… Read more »

The Age-Old Question (of Age)

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I have been writing for a very, very long time. It’s hard to put an exact number on it because I literally cannot remember a time that I wasn’t writing. The first story that I can vividly recall was one I wrote as part of a short story competition with my brothers. It was titled, appropriately, “The Competition,” and detailed… Read more »

What Kind of Dog Do I Have?

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Well, none, because I’m not a dog person. But that’s not the point, obviously, or it would be both a very short and very non-writing-related post! So currently my beta reader is my boyfriend, after my other beta readers flaked out and he kept insisting he wanted to read some of my writing. I like letting him read it, but… Read more »

Wishful Thinking

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I haven’t updated the blog recently because I was really, really hoping that my next post would be one with good news. I submitted a couple of my short stories to a few different publications back in March, and I had a good feeling about them. Maybe something would come of it, even if just a little nibble in the… Read more »

More Disappointment

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So much for knuckling down. I had a small burst of productivity (2 days) and then nothing.In my defense, I’ve had some personal issues that have totally derailed my attention for anything. Not to get into to too much detail–this is my writing blog, after all–but my boyfriend broke up with me for legitimate reasons outside our control. We still… Read more »

April 2011 Wrap-Up

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Well, April didn’t turn out quite like I was expecting. I had oodles of freetime, there were times when I literally spent an hour lying in bed staring at the ceiling. And yet still–no words. No nothing. Guess going through a separation (and soon divorce) doesn’t encourage those creative juices! So my total was dismal. I think that Novel 4… Read more »


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Isn’t it the thing we all fear and anticipate? Don’t we have such a love-hate relationship with it? Okay, maybe everyone else doesn’t, but I sure do! I told myself I wasn’t going to query Novel 1 (still nameless!) until I finished draft 3, but I decided that it couldn’t hurt to put out a few feelers now. What if… Read more »

A Year in Review: 2010

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Today I’m not just looking at a month wrap-up, but a whole year! And what a year it’s been. From deciding to start writing again, to finishing the rough draft of Novel 1, to finishing the second draft of Novel 1, to getting ideas for Novels 4 and 5 (actually “Novel” 5 should be more properly called Series 1…), to… Read more »


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Oh, how I love beginnings! As I let draft 2 of Novel 1 sit (I need to do the third draft with a relatively “fresh” set of eyes–I am worn out and sick of it all right now!), I decided to start putting some new stuff down on paper. I’ve been planning to work on Novel 2 next, a grand… Read more »


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What a lovely word! Done! And that’s what I am–DONE with my second draft of Novel 1! It’s a great feeling. Like I’ve scaled a mountain for the second time! Of course there is more drafting to come, but this now feels like a Real Manuscript. I can now start to doodle query letters and novel titles and imagine my… Read more »