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My First Writing Conference In Review

Well, Las Vegas is in my rearview mirror and along with it the 2016 Las Vegas Writer’s Conference. I had a great time, and I am very glad that I went through with it. I am particularly glad that I got to meet, pitch, and learn from real-life literary agents. I am at that point in my writing career where… Read more »

Writing Tool Review: WikidPad

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I want to take a break from navel-gazing (an occupational hazard, I swear) to offer something a little more concrete and useful.   There are a million tools for writers out there. For the most part, I ignore them. People chatter about Scrivener, but I plug away at my drafts in Word, crafting Excel spreadsheets that lay out detailed plans… Read more »


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On my rather extensive “Blog” tab of my iGoogle homepage, I follow the blog from Scribophile. I find that having a reminder to write while I’m wasting time reading blogs is probably a good idea! It certainly has motivated me to shut down and pull up Word on more than one occasion. So I was probably one of the first… Read more »