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Holiday in Spain

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Is it possible to take a holiday in Spain and not get that Counting Crows song stuck in my head? Not for me! That CD was worn out on repeat in my high school years, it’s engraved in my brain. Still, don’t let the melancholy of the song fool you! It was a fantastic trip! Yes, this post is a… Read more »

Far Off Places

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Just a quick note to say I am still alive! Unfortunately it is a hazard of the job with the Navy that you can be called away for weeks at time with very little warning. And Blogger isn’t high on the list of bandwidth requirements. (It is, in fact, not on the list at all!) But I finally think I… Read more »

Blast From the Past

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I just found an old school assignment in one of my “memory” boxes filled with odds and ends. We had to write our own obituaries–I believe it was in 6th or 7th grade. It’s so funny to remember what a little silly I was, and to see how some things never change! I didn’t fix any of the errors, and… Read more »

500 Words A Day Challenge

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So today I was looking around for some good writing blogs to follow (reading about writing always gears me up to write), and I stumbled across Inkygirl. The most recent blog entry is about a daily wordcount challenge. And since I had already set myself a 500-per-day goal, there was no reason NOT to make it “official.” Of course, there… Read more »