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Looking Back to Augusts Past

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Summer begins to fade into autumn, like it does every year. Living in San Diego buffers me from this reality, somewhat. It is easy to let the sunny days slide away, one after another, sure that they will continue in an unabated stream. And yet, the days do grow shorter, and time is, in fact, passing. Such are the thoughts… Read more »

A Novel Format

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I have a proposal for a new form of book. I think it’s going to be a hit! These new books would start out just like current novels. At first, you wouldn’t even know that anything was different. You would be drawn into a carefully developed world, with realistic characters playing out their lives’ drama against a sweeping, deep history…. Read more »

Boring to Write Means Boring to Read

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I’ve been mired in the depths of a bad bout of writer’s block for the past few weeks. I’ve talked about the dreaded writer’s block before, and whether it’s real or an excuse or just another word for depression isn’t what I want to discuss today. Before, I have always viewed writer’s block from the perspective of what is going… Read more »

A Day in the Life

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I’m pretty sure every single writer ever has, at some point, procrastinated. Or at least I hope so! Then I don’t feel quite so bad. If you have never experienced the utter frustration of your mind wanting to focus on any single thing except what you want to write, then this post is not for you. Leave us poor procrastinators… Read more »

Why I Write

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Blog posts have been scarce of late, but not as scarce as words on the page. It seems like there is a mental dam that is blocking any attempt at writing. I’ve tried to bust it, I’ve tried to not care about it, but it doesn’t seem to work. I thought getting some betas for my close-to-done work would help,… Read more »

More Disappointment

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So much for knuckling down. I had a small burst of productivity (2 days) and then nothing.In my defense, I’ve had some personal issues that have totally derailed my attention for anything. Not to get into to too much detail–this is my writing blog, after all–but my boyfriend broke up with me for legitimate reasons outside our control. We still… Read more »

Knuckling Down

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I have been avoiding posting for the mere fact that I am embarrassed. Embarrassed at how little I have been able to accomplish. Ashamed of my lack of creativity and drive. Seriously considering never writing again. Yes, I wrote that right. Over the past few months I have contemplated giving up something I have been working towards for literally as… Read more »

Little Steps

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I am trying to chip away at this mean old case of writer’s block I’ve got going on. It’s just not feasible to say “Alright, I’m powering through and going to write X number of words every day!” Because my mind shuts down, I don’t write anything, and every passing day I get more and more discouraged. So for now… Read more »

An Unexpected Inverse Relationship

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Obviously I have been struggling a lot with my writing lately. Writer’s block is painful for a whole host of reasons. I think the worst is the doubts that creep in–why am I doing this? Can I do this? Why should I do this if I am going months without writing? But at the same time, not writing sucks. I… Read more »

Writer’s Block

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It’s such a cliche, but damn, I sure am suffering from it. I know there are people out there who don’t “believe” in writer’s block, but I don’t have another word that works as well for how I feel. Because, to me, that’s what writer’s block is. A feeling of almost aversion to writing at all. It’s not that I… Read more »