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500 Writing Prompts: Message in a Bottle

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As I sit in the fallow zone between projects (letting novel 8 marinate and waiting on novel 6 beta readers), I find that I am itching to write. Something, anything, to scratch that existential need. Usually I say that I will fill the space with short stories, but that almost never actually happens. I don’t have a strong affinity for… Read more »

If You Want Change, Change It Up!

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My most productive writing month ever was July 2014. My boyfriend was on deployment, and I was unemployed. It was basically a glimpse of what life could be like as a full-time writer, and it was awesome—I wrote 24,172 words! (Okay, boyfriend being gone sucked, but it did make for a lot of free time.) It was no surprise that my productivity tapered… Read more »

Post-Hiatus Hello

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Welcome back! No, not to you, to me! It’s been a little bit since I’ve blogged. I make no apology, since it was an entirely planned absence on my part. My boyfriend returned from his extended deployment two months ago, and I wanted to spend time focusing on reintegrating him into my life and processing the general change and upheaval… Read more »

A REAL Writer

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The past week or so I have been able to get what feels like an astounding amount done. I have written, I have outlined, I have plotted, and I have written some more. The ending, while still a ways off, is suddenly in sight. I am prone to bursts of productivity like this, but usually they happen due to a… Read more »

Give Me a Break!

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Here I am, back with my nose to the grindstone, missing the lovely shores of Costa Rica and the amazing luxury of getting to see my boyfriend every day for 9 whole days! I have to say, vacation is a wonderful thing. Not just for the beaches and the cuddling and the great food, but for writing! I told myself… Read more »

The Tortoise

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I’ve never been overly fond of the fable about the tortoise and the hare. While I understood the message (that arrogance can be your downfall, to always persist and do your best), I found that the tale itself was incredibly contrived. No way is the hare going to lose that race. But I suppose that isn’t the point, and I… Read more »

An Unexpected Inverse Relationship

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Obviously I have been struggling a lot with my writing lately. Writer’s block is painful for a whole host of reasons. I think the worst is the doubts that creep in–why am I doing this? Can I do this? Why should I do this if I am going months without writing? But at the same time, not writing sucks. I… Read more »

Full Steam Ahead

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After months of struggling, I think I have finally broken through that wall! November started out slow, 5 days with not a word written at all. I was wondering if even my modest 9k goal was too high. Then, as I got into a routine this underway, I started writing every day. I’ve written every day for the past 8… Read more »